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To contact the P.A.S.T. team who run the Official Timeslip Website or for general enquiries about this website email

About the P.A.S.T. Team

P.A.S.T. are...

Steve Hardy (

  Steve Hardy is a freelance writer with a degree in Performance Writing from the renowned Dartington College of Arts in south Devon. Steve was responsible for creating and editing the award-winning Doctor Who magazine Shockeye's Kitchen and was a former editor of the Cult TV fanzine Thermal Lance.

Aside from writing, Steve also plays and writes music with the band The Stance and enjoys watching ancient sitcoms. A stupefyingly boring individual, Steve neither drinks, smokes, does drugs, eats in between meals or generally condones anything that could be construed as fun.
Steve shares his life with partner Caroline and their black and white moggy Suki. He currently has no plans to move to Surrey no matter what.

The photo above shows Steve (center) with members of the Timeslip cast at the Timeslip Reunion party & Official website launch.

Andy Thompson (

  Andy Thompson has been watching (and memorising details about) television ever since he was first scared as two year old by Windy Miller's mill in Camberwick Green. His first job was as a publicity and PR co-ordinator for a children's charity. He has also been regularly employed as an actor, stunt performer and puppeteer and spent nearly all of the nineties writing and appearing in live themed stunt shows.

His TV credits during that time include (in no particular order): The Riddlers, Peak Practice, Boon, a Welsh language programme he daren't even try to spell, The Freddie Starr Show, the BBC's Children in Need telethon and numerous publicity appearances and photo-shoots. He has also performed warm-up duties with The Big Breakfast and Boyzone. The one thing he really enjoys in life is humour writing and was a founding editor/writer on the fondly remembered (and scurrilous) humour-zine FanGrok. He has two unfinished books about TV shows trapped in his computer and refusing to come out unless he commits himself to actually finishing them. Andy currently works for Derby Museums or so his contract says.

Paul Lacey (
Contact Paul if you have any technical enquiries regarding this website.

Paul designed and built the Official Timeslip website and has a strong background in web design, development, databases and hosting services.


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