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Escape Into Night

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Escape into Night
Competition details

  Escape Into Night - The DVD and Competition


Network announces the release of terrifying children's show ESCAPE INTO NIGHT (Cert TBC) on 18th May 2009, RRP 14.99.
It is a web exclusive DVD available only at

Leaving an indelible mark on a whole generation of children, ESCAPE INTO NIGHT's surreal, dark tone and eerie sense of unearthliness is still remembered, perhaps with a sense of unease, after nearly 40 years.

Schoolgirl Marianne is confined to bed after a riding accident, she begins to sketch drawings of an imaginary place. In her sleep the sketches begin to appear in her dreams. She draws an imposing house to investigate and is shocked to discover a boy remorsefully looking at her through one of the windows, just the beginning of a nightmarish turn for the worse...

The series was made by Ruth Boswell (Timeslip, The Tomorrow People) from Catherine Storr's novel `Marianne Dreams'

We have FOUR copies of `Escape into Night' - signed by Ruth Boswell, no less!! - to give away to anyone who can answer the following question?

The series was based on Catherine Storr's novel `Marianne Dreams' and, aside from the TV adaptation, `Escape into Night', it was adapted for the big screen but WHAT was the name of the FILM based on `Marianne Dreams'?

Send your entries to no later than Midnight (BST) on Sunday 31st May, stating your answer, your name and a postal address. All emails we be deleted after the competition ends and your personal details will not be used in conjunction with ANY other promotion, competition or commercial concern.

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