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Web Links

Jackies Tomorrow People Scrap Book

Jackies Scrap Book, celebrating 30 years of the tomorrow people.

The Science-Fiction & Telefantasy Databanks
F eaturing an episode guide, synopsis, cast lists and overview of the classic '70s television programme 'Timeslip'

Memorable TV
In depth and informative site for the golden age of TV, with
sections dedicated to UKTV, Australian, USA, Canada also includes episode
guides and much more.

Granada International

Granada International is the largest owner of British made films in the world with a catalogue of over 18,000 hours of programming through their Programme Catalogue.

de Wolfe Music

Comprehensive library of sound effects and background music for use in tv, film, radio and on websites.

For further information about the theme music from 'Timeslip' contact Stephen Rosie:

Mark Ayres - Composer
The homepage for Film, Television, and Multimedia composer Mark Ayres

TV Tome

Timeslip now has a brief episode guide guide on the TV Tome site. TV Tome is esentially a television version of the International Movie Database and the Timeslip listing originally amounted to little more than a list of story titles. The new guide is an adapted version of our short episode guide and includes a link to the Official Timeslip Website. Hopefully this will create more traffic to our already well-received efforts! If you haven't visited TV Tome, give it a try.

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