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Out of Time - by Ruth Boswell

Description: ‘Out of Time’, a novel by Ruth Boswell. £6.99 (+£1.50 P&P)
Catalogue number TS0003

Out of Time Cover Art

After an accident on his way home from school, seventeen year old Joe Harding is locked out of his house. A stranger, who appears to own Joe’s house, warns him to escape. Huge bells on rooftops ring out and Joe is chased out of town by a band of citizens determined to kill him. He escapes, and after surviving alone in an England that is wild and uncultivated, joins a small band of young people in hiding. There he falls passionately in love with Kathryn. He is in a parallel world in which he wants to remain; but fate has other things in store for him...
‘Out of Time’ is passionate, violent, and it serves as a paradigm for out world and its present troubles.

About the Author:
Ruth Boswell is an author, journalist, TV and film producer. She wrote “Emmy”, a historical children’s novel and she created the first SF series on ITV, ‘”Timeslip” starring Denis Quilley. Producing credits include “The Tomorrow People” for Thames TV, two series of “Maybury”, a drama series for the BBC about psychiatry, starring Patrick Stewart and a feature film ‘Run of the Country’ starring Albert Finney.

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