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What's New

07.12.05 - Maid of Falmouth Comic Strip Added
And finally... Here's the last of the colour 'Look-in' strips written by Angus P. Allan and drawn by Mike Noble - unseen since 1971 (well, unless you've got old copies of 'Look-in knocking about...) Coming sometime later we will have some of the black and white strips and the strip that appeared in the 1972 Look-in Annual, but in the meantime, enjoy Liz and Simon's colour print swansong, 'Maid of Falmouth'... Check it out here!

18.05.05 - Egypt Comic Strip Added
At last, story three of the fantastic 'Timeslip' comic strip from 'Look-in'
magazine, unseen since 1971. 'Egypt' sees Liz and Simon journey back in time to... well, Egypt (surprisingly enough). Thanks to IPC for allowing the reproduction. Check it out here!

14.11.03 – Timeslip Website: Full Timeslip Comic Strip
The Official Timeslip Website is proud to present the first full story of the fondly remembered 'Timeslip' strip that appeared in 'Look-in' magazine in 1971. The other 'Look-in' stories will be appearing on this website shortly, so stay tuned! We would like to gratefully acknowledge the help afforded us by Mark Winterton (at IPC Media Ltd.), Michael Noble, Shaqui and Robert Moubert. NB - The original comic strips were printed without actual story titles and the ones used throughout the Timeslip website are arbitary ones used by this site for consistant identification.

Also, check out 'The Stage' review for Timeslip episode one originally published October 2nd 1970. (c) The Stage, 1970 reproduced with permission.

15.6.03 – Timeslip Website: June Update

The June update is now up and includes further additions to the Whos who section; Ian Fairbairn (who played Alpha 4 and Dr. Frazer), writers Bruce Stewart and Victor Pemberton and producer and director John Cooper. We also have an exclusive piece written by Bruce about the origins of the series. There's also the addition of a clearer screencap for the series' commercial break caption in the section about the "Title Sequences". Finally, we have an exclusive Timeslip photo gallery courtesy of Ian Fairbairn which can be found in his Whos who biography.

12.5.03 – Timeslip Website: May Update
Who's Who Biographies for John Alkin, Peggy Thorpe-Bates, Sandor Elés, Merdel Jordine, Mary Larkin, Robert Oates, John Swindells, Derek Sydney, Royston Tickner.

In FAQ, trivia and features, we party like it’s 1970 with the report on February’s cast and crew reunion for the Official Timeslip Website’s launch… complete with piccies!
Also this month, the links pages is updated and the ‘contact us’ page has a picture of someone we love and admire added… and that’s Andy with him!

01.05.03 - TV Tome Episode Guide
Timeslip now has a brief episode guide guide on the TV Tome site. TV Tome is esentially a television version of the International Movie Database and the Timeslip listing originally amounted to little more than a list of story titles. The new guide is an adapted version of our short episode guide and includes a link to the Official Timeslip Website. Hopefully this will create more traffic to our already well-received efforts! If you haven't visited TV Tome, give it a try.

08.03.03 - Timeslip Website: March Update
Who' who - New biographies for Ruth Boswell (Creator/script-editor), John Barron (Morgan C. Devereaux), John Barcroft (Dr. Bukov), David Graham (Controller 2957) and Mary Preston (Beth). We've also added a couple of contemporary pics of Cheryl and Spencer from Look-in... Dig the shirt!!!

Ten Things People Always Remember About TIMESLIP - A look at the icons of the series that are always remembered by Joe Public... usually in one of those nostalgia riddled conversations over a pint at the local!

The Comic Strip - Article updated to include a selection of high quality scans from the Look-in comic strip together with some of the covers used throughout its run. (More to follow later in the year!)

The Novel - If you haven't checked it out already, scans of the Japanese novel's cover and some of the interior illustrations and text (for those fluent in Japanese) have been added at the foot of the main article courtesy of writer Bruce Stewart.

The Location - Found at last! The naval station at St. Oswald - 2002-style! It WAS a chicken farm... Now it's a prestigious private housing development... or will be when they finish the building work.

02.03.03 - Timeslip: The Japanese Novel!
Several years ago, a Japanese translation of the novel found its way into the hands of Bruce Stewart. He, like Ruth Boswell, is at a loss as to how it came to be published in Japan...
The section about the novel has now been updated to include scans from the cover and some of the internal illustrations courtesy of Bruce Stewart

23.02.03 - TIMESLIP TALK, The Official Timeslip Forum launches
'Timeslip Talk', a brand new discussion forum 100% devoted to everything Timeslip launches, enabling Timeslip fans to meet and post messages to each other and maybee even some Timeslip cast and crew. Click the link below, register your username and start posting today!
Click here for Timeslip Talk

11.02.03 - Coming Soon: Timeslip Talk, The Official Timeslip Forum!
Sunday 23rd February see the launch of 'Timeslip Talk', a brand new discussion forum 100% devoted to everything Timeslip. Timeslip Talk will enable you to meet and post messages to other Timeslip fans and maybee even some members of cast and crew! Come back to midday (GMT) on the 23rd February and start posting!

08.02.03 - The Cast & Crew of Timeslip - Back Together Again After Three Decades (Press Release)
Members of the original cast and crew of TIMESLIP were re-united at a special party on Sunday 2nd February 2003 to celebrate the creation of an all-new website dedicated to the classic seventies adventure series.

08.02.03 - New articles in the Merchandise section.
Three new articles can now be read in the Merchandise section of this website. Find out about Timeslip - The Videos, Timeslip - The Novel, and Timeslip - The Comic Strip!

02.02.03 - Welcome to the Official Timeslip Website - dedicated to the classic 1970 Sci-Series!

We are an OFFICIALLY licensed site recognised by Carlton International Media Ltd., and we are endorsed by the cast and crew (many of whom have contributed or will be contributing to the site. We hope that you will find the site a useful resource about the series and we also hope to bring you a few surprises along the way.

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