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Who's Who

Cast Members

John Alkin
Frank Skinner
Spencer Banks

Simon Randall
John Barcroft
Doctor Bukov
John Barron
Morgan C. Devereaux
Peggy Thorpe Bates
Doctor Edith Joynton
Derek Benfield

Frank Skinner
Cheryl Burfield

Liz Skinner
Sandor Eles
Ian Fairbairn
Alpha 4 / Dr. Frazer
David Graham
Controller 2957
Merdel Jordine
Mary Larkin
Robert Oates
Mary Preston
Denis Quilley
Iris Russell
Jean Skinner
Teri Scoble
Miss Stebbins / Alpha 16
John Swindells
Derek Sydney
Royston Tickner
George Bradley


Ruth Boswell
Creator / script editor
John Cooper
Producer / Director
Peter Fairley
Edouard Michael
Theme music composer
Victor Pemberton
Bruce Stewart


David Graham (Controller 2957)


Controller 2957 is the future projection of Simon whom the children meet during the Burn Up. He appears cowardly and nervous but poccesses a brilliant mind. He still feels protective about Beth even though they were proved to be incompatible by a computer. He was originally Commander Traynor's assistant but took over his mentor's post when evidence was uncovered that pointed to the Commander being a traitor. Traynor has never forgiven him.

  David Graham is perhaps most famous for a number of roles in which his face has remained hidden... His is the voice of many of the puppets seen in the Gerry & Sylvia Anderson children's series of the 1960s including Lady Penelope's cockney chauffeur, Parker and the stuttering inventor Brains in the perennial Thunderbirds.

He is still often called upon to supply their voices for promotional work and documentaries. David was also bought in on the early episodes of Doctor Who to supply the modulated voices (along with Peter Hawkins) of the original Daleks.

Over the years, David has used his vocal abilities to supply his performances with a wide variety of accents including American, Russian, French, Italian, Middle European, German, Spanish and Hungarian.

He was also a member of the BBC Radio Drama Company from 1975 to 1977.

In the UK, his face is probably best known as the long suffering Mr. Bloom in the BBC supernatural comedy, "So Haunt Me" which ran for three series in the early nineties and starred Miriam Karolin.

Film work includes: -

Trouble with Eve (1960) Car Driver
Crossroads to Crime (1960) Johnny
The Pleasure Girls (1965) 1st Gambler
Skin Game (1966) Alvero Belda
Thunderbirds Are Go! (1966) voices of Gordon Tracy/ Brains/ Parker/ others
Thunderbird Six (1968) voices of Brains/ Gordon/ Parker/ others
Callan (1974) .... Wireless operator
Leon the Pig Farmer (1992)

TV Work includes:

Four Feather Falls (Granada / 1960) Series .... as voices of Grandpa Twink/ Fernando/ others
Supercar (ATV / 1960) Series voices of Mitch/ Zarin/ Doctor Beaker/ others
Sara & Hoppity (1962) TV Series .... Various
Fireball XL5 (ATV / 1962) TV Series(voice) .... Prof. Matt Matic, Lt. 90 & Zoonie
The Avengers - Man in the Mirror (ABC / 1963) Producer
Doctor Who - The Mutants (aka. The Daleks) (BBC / 1963-4) Dalek voices
Thunderbirds (ATV / 1964-6) Series voices of Gordon/ Tracy/ Brains/ Parker/ Kyrano/ others
Doctor Who - The Daleks' Invasion of Earth (BBC / 1964-5) Dalek voices
Doctor Who - The Daleks' Master Plan (BBC / 1965) Dalek voices
Doctor Who - Mission to the Unknown (BBC / 1965) Dalek voices
Doctor Who - The Chase (BBC / 1965) Dalek/Mechanoid voices
Doctor Who - The Gunfighters (BBC / 1966) Charlie
Out of the Unknown - The Prophet (BBC / 1967) Robot voice
Doctor Who - The City of Death (BBC / 1979) Professor Kerensky
The Moomins (1990) Series voices
Dominion Tank Police (1992) ...voice of Doctor
So Haunt Me (BBC / 1992-4) Three series Mr. Bloom
Turbocharged Thunderbirds (ITC / 1994) [Re-edited US version of Thunderbirds (1964-6)]
I Love Christmas (BBC / 2001) himself

Other TV work includes: -

Call Red (Thames) Jones
The Bill (Thames) Mr. Brant
London's Burning (LWT) Daniels
Assignment (BBC) Chernenko
Shoot the Revolution (BBC) Postelnicu
Shadow of the Noose (BBC) ...Justice Grantham
Aliens (BBC)
Strike (Granada) ...Jagielski
Crimes of Passion (Thames) Minister
Justice (Yorkshire TV) Jewish Banker
Kipling Stories (BBC) Indian Clerk
Death of a Salesman (Granada) Bernard
The Other Man (Granada) Gestapo Officer
The Turning Point (ATV) Adolf Hitler
The Hotel (Tiger Aspect) Scientist
Casualty (BBC) Mielek
Mr. Thompson's Carnation (Screen Room Picture Co) Mr. Thompson
Owen MD (BBC)
Softly Softly (BBC)
When the Boat Comes In (BBC)

Theatre work includes:

The Front Page (Royal National Theatre) Diamond Louie
Grand Manoeuvres (Royal National Theatre) Bertulus / Barres
Macbeth (Royal National Theatre) Old Man / Messenger
Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Royal National Theatre) Dr. Cefercola
Make and Break (Haymarket Theatre) Dr. Horvath
Filumena (Lyric Theatre) Dr. Norcalla
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (Saville Theatre) Givola
Are You Now or... (ICA/New End) Abe Burrows
Bread and Butter (Cochrane Theatre) Alec
The Price (The Palace. Watford) Gregory Solomon
The Comedians (Liverpool Playhouse) Challenor
Devils and Angels (ICA Theatre) Astor Piazulla

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