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Who's Who

Cast Members

John Alkin
Frank Skinner
Spencer Banks

Simon Randall
John Barcroft
Doctor Bukov
John Barron
Morgan C. Devereaux
Peggy Thorpe Bates
Doctor Edith Joynton
Derek Benfield

Frank Skinner
Cheryl Burfield

Liz Skinner
Sandor Eles
Ian Fairbairn
Alpha 4 / Dr. Frazer
David Graham
Controller 2957
Merdel Jordine
Mary Larkin
Robert Oates
Mary Preston
Denis Quilley
Iris Russell
Jean Skinner
Teri Scoble
Miss Stebbins / Alpha 16
John Swindells
Derek Sydney
Royston Tickner
George Bradley


Ruth Boswell
Creator / script editor
John Cooper
Producer / Director
Peter Fairley
Edouard Michael
Theme music composer
Victor Pemberton
Bruce Stewart


Ian Fairbairn (Alpha 4 / Dr. Frazer)


The clone Alpha 4 is the assistant to Controller 2957 (we later find out he is 'based' on Dr. Frazer) and totally devoted to the cause of the Masterplan. He is extremely suspicious of 2957's motives and, despite being his assistant, keen to see the Controller removed from his post so he can replace him - something he tries to do at every opportunity.
Dr. Frazer (on Whom Alpha 4 is based) is Devereaux's right-hand man at R1. Frazer is a pragmatist and frequently, but unsuccessfully, tries to steer the megalomaniac Devereaux in the right direction both in his research and in his running of the institute. After Devereaux's death in 1969 Traynor takes over as the head of R1 and again Frazer finds himself up against someone equally as uncompromising as Devereaux. But this time Frazer knows that his superior is not only driven by unchecked ambition and scientific curiosity, he's also not the man he appears to be...


Ian's selected T.V. credits include:

The Assassins (BBC / 1960) Second Man
The Long Voyage Home (BBC / 1960) Olsen
Maigret - The Lost Sailor (BBC / 1961) ... as Young Sailor
Magnolia Street (BBC / 10961) 1st Boy
Z Cars - Episode 5 The Big Catch (BBC / 1962) Barman
Garry Halliday and the Gun Runners (ITV - 1962) officer
Emergency Ward 10 (ITV / 1962) semi-regular as Mr. Chaytor
Moonstrike (BBC / 1963) German Officer
First Night - The Road by Nigel Kneale (BBC / 1963) ...voice only
Sergeant Cork (ATV /1964) Dr. Sobers (Directed by John Cooper)
The Big Spender (BBC / 1965) Detective Inspector Carson
The Wednesday Play - 'Stand Up Nigel Barton' (BBC / 1965) Dick Turner
Doctor Who - The Macra Terror (BBC / 1966) Questa
Softly, Softly - James McNeil (BBC / 1966) Clifford
Adam Adamant Lives - The Last Sacrifice (BBC / 1966) Barber
Court Martial (ITC / 1966) Carter
Market in Honey Lane - The Unspeakable Overcoat (ATV / 1967) Roger (Directed by John Cooper)

Doctor Who - The Invasion (BBC / 1968) Gregory

Z Cars - Episode 124 Witness (BBC / 1968) Doctor
Paul Temple - Who Dies Next? (BBC / 1969)
The Troubleshooters - How Much is One Man Worth? (BBC / 1969) Jimmy
Doctor Who - Inferno (BBC / 1970) Bromley
Timeslip (ATV / 1970) Alpha 4/Dr. Frazer
Play for Today - Access to the Children (BBC / 1972) Board Member
The Lotus Eaters (second series) (BBC / 1973) Richards
Van Der Valk - A Man of no Importance (Thames / 1973) Grenech
The Pearcross Girls - Part 4 Sad Helen (BBC / 1973) Mr Benson
General Hospital - episode101 (ATV / 1973) Dr. Clark
Churchill's People - The Lost Island (BBC / 1974) as Justinianus
Dial 'M' for Murder - The Voice (BBC / 1975) Mr Johnson
Doctor Who - The Seeds of Doom (BBC / 1976) Dr. Chester
The Onedin Line - Shipwreck (BBC / 1976) James' clerk
The Professionals - Private Madness, Public Danger (LWT / 1977) ... as Miller
Shoestring - The Link Up (BBC / 1979) first actor

The Professionals - Kickback (LWT / 1980) Price

Play The Weather in the Street (BBC / 1983) critic David Cook
Dramarama - The Come Uppance of Captain Katt (TVS / 1986) Ted
Arrividerci Millwall [Film] (BBC / 1990) British Consul
1991 Last of the Summer Wine 'Cash Flow Problems (BBC / 1991) as Yorkshire Police Officer

Ian's theatre work includes a number of seasons and tours and includes:
The Mouestrap (1963 - 4) understudying and playing both male leads

He has also performed all the voices on the cartoon series "All Talk" for Central and is currently involved in providing the voices for Horrace and the Magic Motorcycle which is being animated by Dale Hemenway.

Click here to see an exclusive Timeslip photo gallery courtesy of Ian Fairbairn.

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