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Who's Who

Cast Members

John Alkin
Frank Skinner
Spencer Banks

Simon Randall
John Barcroft
Doctor Bukov
John Barron
Morgan C. Devereaux
Peggy Thorpe Bates
Doctor Edith Joynton
Derek Benfield

Frank Skinner
Cheryl Burfield

Liz Skinner
Sandor Eles
Ian Fairbairn
Alpha 4 / Dr. Frazer
David Graham
Controller 2957
Merdel Jordine
Mary Larkin
Robert Oates
Mary Preston
Denis Quilley
Iris Russell
Jean Skinner
Teri Scoble
Miss Stebbins / Alpha 16
John Swindells
Derek Sydney
Royston Tickner
George Bradley


Ruth Boswell
Creator / script editor
John Cooper
Producer / Director
Peter Fairley
Edouard Michael
Theme music composer
Victor Pemberton
Bruce Stewart


Iris Russell (Jean Skinner)


Jean Skinner is Liz's mother and the devoted wife of Frank. Despite her sensitive nature Jean is a pragmatist who can often cool down the more impulsive and emotional Frank. During the children's first trip through the time barrier she discovers she has a unique mental link with Liz allowing her to share many of her daughter's experiences in the past.

  Iris Russell was born of Scottish parents in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. She attended drama school in Edinburgh and from there started her career with Donald Wolfit's Shakespearian company. Shortly after, she joined the forces' entertainment section ENSA and played in reportary with Derek Salberg's companies in Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

After playing in several small theatres around London, her big break came with a major role in "Caste" at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith and the Duke of York's, London.

A number of film contracts followed before she returned to the London stage, appearing opposite Yul Brynner in "Lute Song" and spending two years with John Clements in "The Beaux Stratagem". Seeking more variety of work, she returned to Scotland and spent 2/3 years with The Glasgow Citizens Theatre.
On television, Iris is perhaps best known for her recurring role in the pioneering ITV medical drama "Emergency Ward Ten"; (a credit she shares with several other member of the Timeslip cast and crew). She also made no less than three appearances in The Avengers for ABC... most notably in the 1969 episode "Stay Tuned" where she played John Steed's blind boss, Father!

TV work includes:

Emergency-Ward 10 (Series) as Nurse Mary Stevenson
The Avengers - Mission to Montreal (1962) as Sheila Dawson
The Avengers - November 5 (1963) as Fiona
Edgar Wallace Mysteries - Downfall (1964) as Mrs. Webster
The Avengers - Stay Tuned (1969) as Father
Timeslip (1970) (Series) as Jean Skinner
Thriller - Spell of Evil (1973) as Mrs. Roberts
The Sweeney - Thou Shalt Not Kill (1975) as Miss Jennifer Lewis
Fanny by Gaslight (1981) as Mrs. Somerford
Fergie & Andrew: Behind the Palace Doors (1992) as Queen Elizabeth II
Road Rage (1998) as Pamela Tarling
Perfect Strangers (2001) as Old Henrietta


The Other Dear Charmer as Nancy Maclehose
Probation Officer as Mrs Fiske
Bleak House (Original BBC Production) as Lady Deadlock
The Highlander as The Villainess

Film work includes:

The Armchair Detective (1952) as Jane
The Yellow Robe (1953)
The Stolen Airliner (1955) as Mrs. Head
The Moonraker (1957) as Judith Strangeways
It's All Happening (1963) as Nellie (aka The Dream Maker: USA title)

Theatre work includes:

Lute Song
King Lear as Goneril
Lottie Dundas as Lottie Dundas
Caste as Esther Eccles
The Beaux Stratagem as Dorinda
Photo Finish as Stella

Scottish Theatre includes:

The Other Dear Charmer as Nancy Maclehose (Clarinda)
The Taming of the Shrew as Katherine
Venus Observed as Perpetua
The Diary of a Scoundrel as Auntie Kleopatra
Highland Fair as Nanny

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