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Who's Who

Cast Members

John Alkin
Frank Skinner
Spencer Banks

Simon Randall
John Barcroft
Doctor Bukov
John Barron
Morgan C. Devereaux
Peggy Thorpe Bates
Doctor Edith Joynton
Derek Benfield

Frank Skinner
Cheryl Burfield

Liz Skinner
Sandor Eles
Ian Fairbairn
Alpha 4 / Dr. Frazer
David Graham
Controller 2957
Merdel Jordine
Mary Larkin
Robert Oates
Mary Preston
Denis Quilley
Iris Russell
Jean Skinner
Teri Scoble
Miss Stebbins / Alpha 16
John Swindells
Derek Sydney
Royston Tickner
George Bradley


Ruth Boswell
Creator / script editor
John Cooper
Producer / Director
Peter Fairley
Edouard Michael
Theme music composer
Victor Pemberton
Bruce Stewart


John Swindells (Pitman)

Pitman works at R1 and is suspicious of Traynor's methods and plans. It isn't long before his conscience is pricked by Liz and Simon's evidence that Traynor isn't what he appears to be.

John Swindells was born in Liverpool in 1931.

Selected film credits includes:

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 1st Technician TMA-1 Site (uncredited)
Assault (1971) Desk Sergeant
Age of Innocence (1977) Griffen
Friends, Lovers, & Lunatics (1989) Ned
Mad Bomber in Love (1992) Associate Producer
Butterbox Babies (1995) Judge Doull
The Giver (1997) Armand Perris

Selected TV credits includes:

Timeslip (1970) Pitman
Nearest and Dearest - Bottoms Up (1971) Policeman
Sidestreet (1975) Insp. Ted Bowman
Passion and Paradise (1989) (TV) Col. R.A. Erskine Lindop
Superboy - Superboy... Rest in Peace (1989) Professor Henderson
Friday the 13th: The Series - Scarlet Cinema (1989) Taylor McDougall
B.L. Stryker - Grand Theft Hotel (1990) Mr. Satterfield
The Women of Windsor (1992) (TV) Police Instructor
The. Diamond Fleece, (1992) (TV) Diamond Auctioneer
Forever Knight - Bad Blood (1994) Father Hurley
Lonesome Dove: The Series - Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (1994)

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