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Who's Who

Cast Members

John Alkin
Frank Skinner
Spencer Banks

Simon Randall
John Barcroft
Doctor Bukov
John Barron
Morgan C. Devereaux
Peggy Thorpe Bates
Doctor Edith Joynton
Derek Benfield

Frank Skinner
Cheryl Burfield

Liz Skinner
Sandor Eles
Ian Fairbairn
Alpha 4 / Dr. Frazer
David Graham
Controller 2957
Merdel Jordine
Mary Larkin
Robert Oates
Mary Preston
Denis Quilley
Iris Russell
Jean Skinner
Teri Scoble
Miss Stebbins / Alpha 16
John Swindells
Derek Sydney
Royston Tickner
George Bradley


Ruth Boswell
Creator / script editor
John Cooper
Producer / Director
Peter Fairley
Edouard Michael
Theme music composer
Victor Pemberton
Bruce Stewart


Merdel Jordine (Vera)


Vera is one of the young people Liz and Simon meet at the Misfit settlement run by Beth in the jungle during their adventure in the 'Burn-up.'

  Vera busies herself with looking after the community and tries to grow vegetables in the uncompromising soil of tropical Britain.

Vera is quite emotional and seems to treat the vegetables as her children - so she is distraught when they die due to the horrendous heat of the 'Burn-up'. She also has something of a soft-spot for Simon...

Selected TV work includes:

Timeslip (1970) Vera
Crossroads (1978 - 82) Trina MacDonald
The Fosters - The Diet (1977) Gloria
The Sweeney - Big Brother (1975) Angela

Selected film work includes:

Riddles of the Sphinx (1977) Maxine
The Squeeze (1977) Black Masseuse
Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (1974) Rhonda Cutforth-Jones
Death May Be Your Santa Claus (1969)

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