Production Notes

TVTimes Synopsis

“Back in the present after their journey into the future, Liz Skinner and Simon Randall find normal life a relief. But they are restless and uneasy after their experiences in The Ice Box – the 1990 research station buried deep beneath the frozen Antarctic wastes. Then Commander Traynor, anxious for more information, persuades Simon to return through time, and Liz, who has already met herself and her mother of the future, follows.

“To achieve the icy realism of the setting, the inventive production team didn’t need to go on location to Antarctica. The whole thing was filmed in the studio, including an ‘ice field’ at the entrance to the research station, which is actually made of fibre glass, and the ‘snow’ is made of plastic flakes.”

Cast & Crew

Cheryl Burfield (Liz Skinner)
Spencer Banks (Simon Randall)
Derek Benfield (Skinner)
Iris Russell (Jean Skinner)
Denis Quilley (Commander Traynor)
John Barron (Devereux)
Mary Preston (Beth Skinner)
Peggy Thorpe-Bates (Dr. Edith Joynton)
John Barcroft (Dr. Bukov)

Written by Bruce Stewart

Script Editor Ruth Boswell
Scientific Advisor Geoffrey Hoyle
Designer Michael Eve
Director Peter Jeffries
John Cooper

Original Broadcast

ATV Midlands – 20th November 1970