Production Notes

TVTimes Synopsis

“Simon and Liz, the children who have moved through time to 1990, are still in The Ice Box, the experimental research station at the South Pole.

“Simon is determined to discover more about Devereaux – to probe the secrets of his strange mind. But an unexpected and frightening death places him in great danger….”

Cast & Crew

Cheryl Burfield (Liz Skinner)
Spencer Banks (Simon Randall)
Derek Benfield (Skinner)
Iris Russell (Jean Skinner)
John Barron (Devereux)
Mary Preston (Beth Skinner)
Peggy Thorpe-Bates (Dr. Edith Joynton)
John Barcroft (Dr. Bukov)
Robert Oates (Larry)

Written by Bruce Stewart

Script Editor Ruth Boswell
Scientific Advisor Geoffrey Hoyle
Designer Michael Eve
Director Peter Jeffries
John Cooper

Original Broadcast

ATV Midlands – 4th December 1970