Production Notes

TVTimes Synopsis

The children return home and Simon is summoned to Whitehall. Commander Traynor questions him closely about the longevity drug and orders him to keep out of the future. Simon, intrigued by the Commander’s fear, returns to the time barrier. Liz makes a discovery. She may quarrel with Simon but she doesn’t like being without him.

Cast & Crew

Cheryl Burfield (Liz Skinner)
Spencer Banks (Simon Randall)
Iris Russell (Jean Skinner)
Derek Benfield (Skinner)
Denis Quilley (Commander Traynor)
Mary Preston (Beth Skinner)
David Gratham (2597)
Teresa Scoble (Miss Stebbins)
Merdel Jordine (Vera)

Written by Bruce Stewart

Script Editor Ruth Boswell
Scientific Advisor Geoffrey Hoyle
Designer Gerry Roberts
Director Ron Francis
John Cooper

Original Broadcast

ATV Midlands – XX December 1970