Production Notes


“Simon and Liz have met their future selves as 2957 and Beth. But Liz is hurt when she finds out that 2957 has rejected Beth. In other words, Simon has rejected her because a computer said they were unsuitable.”

Cast & Crew

Denis Quilley (Commander Traynor)
Cheryl Burfield (Liz Skinner)
Spencer Banks (Simon Randall)
Mary Preston (Beth Skinner)
David Graham (2957)
Brian Pettifer (Paul)
Merdel Jordine (Vera)
Ian Fairbairn (Alpha 4)
Teresa Scoble (Alpha 16)
Lesley Scoble (Alpha 17)
Patrick Durkin (Delta 22)

Written by Bruce Stewart

Script Editor Ruth Boswell
Scientific Adviser Geoffrey Hoyle
Designer Michael Eve
Director Peter Jefferies
John Cooper

Original Broadcast

ATV Midlands – 17.15 8th January 1971