Courtesy of Big Finish Productions, there are now two Timeslip audio adventures, reuniting old faces with new voices.

Age of the Death Lottery

Decades after their childhood experiences passing through a mysterious ‘time barrier’ that could transmit people into the past and the future, two adults – Simon Randall and Liz Skinner – encounter two youths from the 1980s, Neil and Jade… and realise the barrier is open again.

Following them through the barrier in search of a missing friend, they find themselves many years into the future, when over-population has brought the Earth to its knees. So a radical reform has been undertaken – a mass culling of parts of the population known as the Death Lottery. Not everyone supports this idea. Rebels know as refusers battle the government and the sinister Enforcement Bureau – and Liz discovers that her old friend Charlotte may be responsible for the whole thing.

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The War that Never Was

Escaping from the future, our heroes find themselves in the distant past… sort of.

It’s 1953, but a very different 1953 from the one we’re used to. The UK has still not recovered from a Second World War that lasted an extra year longer than in our history. The Americans had to step in to save the besieged country, dropping another atom bomb on Berlin. They are now running the grateful UK as if it is part of the US and are now expanding their empire against the growing might of the Soviet Union.

The Time Barrier has been discovered and is being studied by a team of scientists, whilst strange items are being smuggled through from different time periods – weapons perhaps, traded with the future? Spivs and racketeers run the streets, and the US government plans highways through time… And behind it all is a very familiar face.

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