Liz is the daughter of Jean and Frank and at the time of the first serial is holidaying with them and Simon in St. Oswald. Although not as bright as Simon, she more than makes up for it with her compassion and caring nature. On the negative side, she is particularly given to emotional outbursts and occasional lapses into child-like naivity.

Cheryl Burfield was born in Woking in Surrey. Before Timeslip, Cheryl had been a child model. Despite being 18 and (apparently) too old for the role of 12 year old Liz Skinner, Cheryl improvised at her audition and attended it dressed as tomboy with her hair up in pigtails! She impressed the producers so much that they revised the age of the character to fifteen to accommodate her. Liz was Cheryl’s first major television role. She had previously appeared in the BBC’s Adventure Weekly. Cheryl conducted a number of press interviews during her time on Timeslip and in a short cover feature for Look-in revealed that she owned a large collection of international dolls!She retired from acting in the seventies to concentrate on her family. Still married and with both her daughter and son grown up, she now works as a Sales Negotiator.

TV work includes:

Adventure Weekly BBC
A Place in the Sun Thames
Working Out BBC
Timeslip ATV
Rules Rules Rules ATV
Armchair Theatre ITV

Theatre work includes

Repertory Bognor Regis
The Imaginary Invalid Vaudeville Theatre, London and Billingham Teeside
The Flowering Cherry Tour
Robin Hood Wimbledon Theatre, London
Cinderella South Shields and Maidstone
Aladdin Maidstone