When Simon and Liz first travel through the time barrier they meet a naval rating called Frank. Liz later discovers that this amiable young chap is actually her father! The young Frank is sympathetic and kindly towards the children but still remains the professional military figure who strives to follow Commander Traynor’s orders to destroy the research equipment even when seriously injured in the process.

John Alkin was born in 1947 in Rugby, England. His role in Timeslip (like that of Mary Preston’s) was the subject of some press coverage in the TV Times at the time when he was photographed on set with Derek Benfield – his future self! He shortly went on to become one of the regulars on The Sweeney playing Tom Daniels throughout the show’s run including appearances in the two popular movie spin-offs, Sweeney! and Sweeney 2. He retired from the acting profession and lived in Reading with his wife, Lee Everett Alkin.

Selected TV Work

Albert and Victoria (1970) …as George Hackett
Timeslip (ATV / 1970) …as Frank
Crown Court (Granada / 1972) …as Barry Deeley
Emma (BBC / 1972) …as Robert Martin
The Sweeney (Thames TV / 1975-78) …as Tom Daniels
Space: 1999 – The Mark of Archanon (ITC / 1976) …as Andy Johnson
All Creatures Great and Small – Breath of Life (BBC / 1978) …as Mr Flaxton
The Sandbaggers – To Hell with Justice (Yorkshire TV / 1980) …as Len Shepherd
The Sandbaggers – Opposite Numbers (Yorkshire TV / 1980) …as Len Shepherd
To Serve Them All My Days (BBC / 1980) …as Chetwynd
Rumpole’s Return (Thames TV / 1980) …as Mike Mowbray
Doctor Who – The Planet of Fire (BBC/1984) …as Lomand
Minder – Arthur is Dead, Long Live Arthur (Thames TV / 1985) …as John Beadle

Selected film work includes:

The Lady Vanishes (1979) …as Party Guest
No Longer Alone (1979) …as Bruce
Sweeney 2 (1978) …as Tom Daniels
Sweeney! (1977) …as Tom Daniels